FAQ - Agents

What are the services of a Real Estate Agent?

The service of a real estate agent will be dependent upon the type of agency appointment. The types of agency appointment include:

  • Acting on behalf of a seller
  • Acting on behalf of a buyer
  • Acting on behalf of an owner.

The services of an agent acting on behalf of a seller may include:

  • Inspecting the property
  • Providing a market appraisal
  • Researching comparative sales evidence
  • Research the Certificate of Title and any documents relating to encumbrances
  • Provision of a marketing plan that would consider the price, the most suitable type of promotion, the attributes of the property.
  • Recommend ways to optimise the appeal of the property
  • Recommend the most appropriate types of advertising
  • Determine and research any existing tenancy arrangements
  • Liaise with the occupiers to co-ordinate inspections
  • Arrange suitable signable
  • Arrange photography
  • Design, produce, and lodge advertising and promotional material
  • Promote the property to prospective purchasers
  • Promote the property to other real estate agents
  • Conduct Home Opens
  • Maintain a register of inspections
  • Provide reports on the level of buyer interest and market feedback
  • Qualify prospective purchasers
  • Recommend suitable level of deposit
  • Determine any special conditions required by the seller
  • Negotiations with prospective purchasers
  • Prepare the Offer and Acceptance and draft any appropriate special conditions
  • Present any written offers
  • Explain the Contract for the Sale of Land by Offer and Acceptance and the Joint Form of General
  • Conditions for the Sale of Land
  • Receipt deposit to be held in the real estate agent trust account
  • Explain the effect of any variations to the Contract that may be requested by the seller
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